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Inhabit Concept Store was founded in February 2005 by photographer Tanja Hansen van der Walt. After living and working in London for almost a decade she returned to South Africa with a portfolio of photographs from all over the world. Her intense interest in décor, design and a passion for photography inspired her to bring an idea, which is already popular in Europe and the UK to South African consumers. Affordable, original, high quality wall art that transforms interior living spaces. Her company supplies only her own exclusive contemporary black & white, colour and fine art prints to interior decorators, businesses and exclusive retail outlets.

Inhabit Concept Store is very much focused on all that represents our environment as there is a strong believe now in all things indigenous. Natural, simplistic and stylish images which make a statement.


Images that compliment our way of life.


Our client portfolio includes all sizes of businesses across all sectors: architects, designers, property developers and a major retail group. Some of her own work is currently sold nationwide by Weylandts and our products have been featured in Sarie, Rooi Rose, Tuis and the House & Leisure magazine.

Property developers and interior decorators involved in residential & corporate developments frequently choose her images for their projects.

Think Images have also collaborated with world famous photographer Mirella Ricciardi (author of African Rainbow and African Visions) to bring some of her extraordinary photographic work to Weylandts stores. Think Images took responsibility for copyright matters as well as the production and distribution of Ms Ricciardis work.


Clients include: Weylandts Homestore, Sevens, JVB, Softline VIP, Southnet Projects, Sabre Homes, Studio 3 Architects, Norval Wentzel and Steinberg, Thomas Gouws Architects, Earthworld Architects & SAGE VIP



About the photographer


Tanja Hansen, grew up near Gerdau in the Northwest province of South Africa. Her love for photography originated from her curiosity and passion for nature. In her continuous quest for new inspiration, she has found that a lot has been derived from simply being an observer - capturing the extraordinary nature of all that is so easily viewed as ordinary. She believes that living in a cultural environment, has inspired her as a person and her approach to how she looks at things around her. 

Her view was also very much shaped by her experiences while living and working abroad and by her various travels to many countries. Her experiences have given her a natural inclination towards the arts from a broader perspective. Her collections of photographs reflect the simplicity of form and her refined sense of style, colour and choice of subjects has attracted much attention and her ever-growing collection of fine art photographs are much sought after.

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